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Ragnar Recovery Week

Last weekend was the final Ragnar Del Sol here in Phoenix. Boy was I lucky to finally get one in! It had been a goal of mine for many years to do a Ragnar and I finally was able to find a running group with a good friend from work.

We had a team of 6 running a relay with 6 legs each totalling 187.8 miles from Wickenburg, AZ to Tempe. I wasn’t sure I would make the best team member being that running is still a weak spot for me, but my team assured me it would fine. We weren’t out to win, just to finish as best we could.

It turned out that it was such a fun experience. I really enjoyed my time with my team riding in the van and the solace of the time out on the road with hardly anyone else around. Especially during my first leg which was very early Friday morning and the two middle of the night legs, it was really a neat experience being out in the dark of night with no one else as I ran.

My team was excellent at making up my slow running time. I tried to ease their pain by offering food that my sweet husband brought for everyone. Let me just say bagel breakfast sandwiches from Hot Bagels in Tramonto are a BIG hit for a hungry Ragnar team that has just run all night!

Going two nights without sleep really took its toll on my training the following week however. I’m glad this race wasn’t closer to the IronMan because it would have really thrown me for a loop.

I realize that at 50, losing sleep means a little more than it did in my younger years. I slept for half the day on Sunday and then each day during the week I thought I would be back at it, but usually all I could manage was a short 20 minute work out.

Finally today (Sunday a week AFTER the race), I felt myself again and was able to get out on the bike for a good ride.

So while I absolutely loved doing the Ragnar and really enjoyed being on such a great team, I think I will hold off on something so grueling on the schedule until after IronMan. I will stick to day races only.

This month is my first two event race! Now I have to really start focusing on the bike.

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To keep track of my journey to IronMan Arizona 2020 send me your name and email!

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To keep track of my journey to IronMan Arizona 2020 send me your name and email!