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Michelle Ready to Conquer Iron(wo)Man

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Off The Couch!

This week marks my official beginning of the IronMan 2020 Phoenix AZ journey. I have wanted to complete an IronMan for many years now, and I decided that now that I am 50, it was time to get off the couch! It will not be an easy journey, I know, but I am up for the task.

I have done some good research on how best to support my efforts and the first two things I did was to hire a swim coach – which I begin this week..and to hire an overall IronMan Coach which I will begin on December 1.

The swim method I have heard so much about is called Total Immersion, created by the late Terry Laughlin. Here in Phoenix, there is a coaching center called Camelback Coaching and I’ve hired Anne to help me evaluated my currently awful swim techniques and help me learn what to do in order to swim optimally.

There is much to be done. This week is my video evaluation with Anne and I had to go so far as to get a “real” bathing suit. I realized last week that even my most conservative looking bathing suit, really wouldn’t do for the athletic endeavors I was about to undertake.

The three things I know I need going into this first swim week are:

  1. a bathing suit – CHECK!
  2. a swim cap – CHECK!
  3. goggles – CHECK!
  4. a swim coach – CHECK!

I feel good that I am putting the effort into having professional coaches to work with. It is really important to me to have the best support I can get to accomplish this overwhelming goal.

The tri-coach I selected is from Toro Performance Coaching – Jason. He has coached many people to complete and actually perform optimally in the IRONMAN competition.

I also am volunteering in this year’s IronMan AZ so that I can get a good idea of what the course is like, support the athletes on the course, and get a discount for next year’s registration. That will be a really fun experience and so motivating! Stay tuned – IronMan AZ is in a couple of weeks on Nov. 24, 2019.

So here goes! Wish me luck – its going to be a BIG year!

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