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Crash and Burn Week 6

This blog is not meant to be a smoke and mirror account of my journey. It’s not going to be full of selfies of me on my best days after I’ve lost 50 pounds and somehow miraculously getting through my races. I’m going to be sharing the REAL stories of my ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and yes, my successes.

But today, my friends, the report is not great. I had a really challenging week. My 13 year old daughter got sick, as in she threw up minutes before I was due to walk out the door for my commute downtown to a training class I had to attend for work. A training that I could NOT miss without some serious repercussions. As a mom, there is nothing worse than having to feel torn between being home with the kids and moving forward with other needs/wants – like work, career, hobbies, goals. I always strive to be that mom that takes care of my kids when they are sick, but on this day, I had to turn to my husband to be the best Bonus Dad he could and take care of Ashley. Luckily he was super in that arena and I knew she was getting the best care possible if I couldn’t be there.

Each day I had to deal with traffic and then stay focused all day on important material that I will have to pass a test on, and I have to be honest – training for IronMan went RIGHT out the window. When I got home, I was lucky to figure out dinner (although Mark stepped up to the plate to help AND we did order out I think one or two nights), then I had to make sure Ashley was doing the right thing for her illness (medications, supplements, taking a warm bath etc.) and I had to check in with work since I was missing my normal day job to attend the training.

Man is writing My mistakes in a note. Inner critic concept.

With Christmas the following week, I was still trying to make sure I had the presents I needed for family, Christmas cards mailed and food planned for the big get togethers we were having. So yeah…I think I missed four days of workouts. Not my best effort. But the thing is, I had to realize that I’m going to keep perfecting my routine until I no longer get thrown off course and if I do, I will keep trying and getting better.

I realize this may not be the scintillating account of a success story waiting to happen yet, but I assure you that I am determined. Neither vomit, nor rain, nor holidays, will stop me from achieving my goal! As the saying goes, “failure is not the opposite of success, it is PART of success!”

Don’t give up on me!


PS. Leave me a comment if you can relate or have some words of wisdom – I can use a little pick me up!

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