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Week 3 | Line em up

When you’re new to IronMan there is a lot to learn. For example, coming to terms with the fact that it actually costs quite a lot to get the equipment for the race let alone registering for the race itself to the tune of approximately $1000. When you come off the couch, like I am doing, you will need something called a BIKE.

Right now I am using my husband’s bike which is a hybrid road/off road (ish) bike that is actually quite heavy and doesn’t even have roadbike handles. My thinking is…at least I’m on a bike. If anything, training on a heavier bike should make me stronger right? That’s what I’m going with for now.

I did actually go see a true triathlon bike being sold by one of the ladies in my new running group (and by new I mean ~they~ have been running together for quite some time, but ~I~ am new to IT – anyway the bike was beautiful. Unfortunately, #1 it was too small and I felt like I was a giant on a child’s very fancy bike and #2 the price tag was $4,500. Um No. For someone who isn’t going to make a career out of IronManning – I just can’t come to terms with spending the downpayment on my future Airstream.

So how or when I will actually get my tri-bike – I’m not sure. I will keep it on the “list” I have entitled “How to afford all the shit I need for IronMan” on my One Note App. Stay tuned.

Getting back to the line up of items and schedules – I had to figure out how and when I was going to practice swimming. My friend and fellow Ragnar team mate, Rhonda, told me about a local gym EOS that has pools. So off I went to scope it out. Turns out, its a great gym and VERY affordable. This will probably be the only time I write about IronMan and “affordable” in the same sentence. They had a Black Friday special with a no payment until January deal and I was all over it! PS – they have a MOVIE room with bikes and treadmills. Running while watching the new Star Wars???? I’m IN!

Next week, I have my run evaluation with one of my coaches and I should have that improvement plan started after that. To be honest, my biggest worry is the run, because as of today I have NEVER run a FULL marathon. Emphasis “NEVER”. So running 26.2 miles AFTER swimming 2 miles and biking 110 miles – may be a bit of a stretch MMMKAY?

This post may seem like a downer but in reality I’m just prepping myself for the reality of what is to come – which is a lot of hard fucking work. But I’m all in – and ready to push myself! Lots more to learn about and work towards!


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To keep track of my journey to IronMan Arizona 2020 send me your name and email!

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To keep track of my journey to IronMan Arizona 2020 send me your name and email!