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Week 2 – Sometimes Life Comes First

I’m not sure if it is a rebound effect, or if I am just actually physiologically going through some sort of down turn, but this week was not so great in the training arena.   I didn’t feel very on top of my game and my schedule was a train wreck.

The reality is that I had a lot of obligations with my youngest daughter. I had promised her a hair appointment and then on Saturday she had her friends over and we went to the Reptile Expo. So I needed to follow through on my promises. And sometimes, that just has to take precedence. I’ve decided not to beat myself up over it, but just to train a little harder this next week.

I have to say that my first real lesson from swim was great.  I really like my coach Anne – she is very good.  I felt like I made so much progress just from one lesson and the calming effect it has on my nervousness for the swim portion is great.

The other thing that has to be planned is where to swim outside of lessons.  That is one thing I really hadn’t thought about.  Anne said she wants me to practice 2-3 times a week!  That means I have to get creative.    I can pay to swim at the location where Anne teaches or I can join a gym with a pool – it may be more helpful to just join a gym.

Ultimately, this week involved some very real challenges. I realize that I need to make sure I am still being a good Mommy.  I had to drop some of my plans because both my girls were not feeling well.  I made chicken soup and had some caretaking to do. 

Life is going to happen so this is good for me to figure out how to plan for things like this.  I’m thinking mornings are going to be critical.

In the meantime on to week 3! Onward!

Looking ahead:

Items to get:

New sneakers (heading to Runner’s Den for a run analysis)

Tri Bike


Volunteering at this year’s IronMan AZ

Finding a place to swim

Tri-Coach Consultation


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